Supporting BacZac His Legacy

World First are supporting BacZac to help support young adults with Cancer

World First and their employees are raising money to support BacZac in order to help make a difference to the lives of young people living with cancer. Whether you are fundraising, making a donation or shopping online - this page will help you engage with the charity and really make a difference to a young persons life.

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Our story

This year World First have chosen to support the outstanding work provided byBacZac. BacZac His Legacy is a charity that has been created by the family and friends of Zac Forskitt.

Zac at the age of 20 was diagnosed with 2 rare forms of cancer, both friends in Northampton and Nottingham where Zac was at University studying, with the aid of patrons of Old Northamptonians pulled together to create #BacZac to support not only Zac but his family with the many obstacles along the way.

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Supporting BacZac His Legacy

How you can fundraise

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What your donation will fund

BacZac are helping young adults in 3 local cancer treatment hospitals, working alongside the wonderful staff from Teenage Cancer Trust.

Funds raised are greatly appreciated, your donation will help to provide meal vouchers for young adults in the hospital for long periods but who are not entitled to a free meal. Pick-me-up voucher for patience to put a smile on their face and respite accomodation so that young people with cancer can have a break 

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